Take A Walk Through Dorset U.K.

Today I am inspired by a fantastic walk my husband and I completed last month. For six days we walked 118km through South/West England, the majority of the time through County Dorset. It was beautiful. It was peaceful. It was inspiring.

There were hours upon hours when we had no human contact. In that time we came face to face with sheep and cows but they don’t hold a very good conversation!

At the end of each day we stayed in beautiful, comfortable and welcoming Bed and Breakfasts. Here we could have a bath, a drink with the locals and a good hearty meal.

We walked through fields, through woods, across a working airfield, an active golf course and through gorgeous villages. We had lunch at an ancient castle ruin, in a graveyard, by a lake,  on the side of a track and on top of a coastal cliff.

We got scratched by blackberries and stinging nettles. We saw Doe in the woods and wild pheasants on tracks.

Every day was new. Every day was inspiring. The scenery, the fresh air, the sunshine. All inspiring. All enjoyable.

Thank you to On Foot Holidays for transporting our luggage each day, for booking us into the loveliest Bed and Breakfasts and for your magnificent walking instructions.




Determined people can be inspiring people

I am a personal trainer and in my line of work I meet some inspirational people. People who are determined to stay fit regardless of some limitations that their body has.

I have three visually impaired clients who love to stay fit and do not allow their limited eye sight to stop them enjoying fitness. It is inspiring to take a visually impaired client out for a walk. Although she cannot fully see everything around her, her other senses allow her to enjoy the walk and appreciate what is around. She can hear the birds singing and the creek water flowing, she can smell the gum leaves and the flowers. She enjoys her walk.

One of my other visually impaired clients loves to dance. She cannot see my movements but listens carefully to my instructions and to the music. The smile on her face when she is dancing is priceless.

Another client has arthritis throughout her body. She has had a hip replacement and could be in need of a knee one in the next few years. She has pain but doesn’t let it stop her from walking on the treadmill, boxing, lifting weights and keeping fit. She knows that making fitness a priority helps slow down her condition and enables her to travel, walk the dog and go on day outings around this wonderful city.

So many people with arthritis, vision problems and other physical disabilities give up on being active. Those who don’t, those who embrace fitness, exercise and life by recognizing their limitations but not letting them stop totally are inspirational.

Queen Charlotte Track New Zealand

In December 2013 my husband, daughter and I had an inspirational experience in New Zealand. We walked the 71km Queen Charlotte Track on the South Island.


All along the walk I was inspired by the natural beauty of this amazing landscape.  With green hills sweeping down to meet the crystal, blue water, my heart was filled with serenity. With clear air and birds singing happily I was inspired to believe that the world is a magical place.


My prayer now is that all humans recognise this beauty and be inspired to keep it pristine. That governments respect the landscape and don’t set out to ruin it with mining, or too much tourism. It is landscapes like this that we need for inspiration, that we need so we can enjoy nature at its magical best, that above anything else we need to preserve.