Vatican City

Sistine Chapel

I read today that the Sistine Chapel is limiting the number of visitors inside the Chapel to 6 million a year due to fears that that Michelangelo’s frescoes are being damaged by the breath and sweat of so many tourists.

This beautiful, inspiring chapel and art work need to be preserved forever so I am all for the Vatican limiting the tourists numbers. I visited the Chapel in 1995. In my diary I recorded the following “It is beautiful, the artwork has so much color and detail, it is hard to take it all in. There is not one space on the ceiling or walls that is not painted. Can truly appreciate the pain and time it would take to paint. Most of it has been cleaned, which is great. The pieces that are not clean are hardly┬árecognizable.”

In the same article it mentioned that Pope Francis has allowed the chapel to be rented out for Porsche to entertain 40 high paying tourists. The proceeds will go to charities working with the poor and homeless. This in itself is an inspiring gesture.

If you are ever in Vatican City I recommend taking the time to visit this beautiful chapel. When in there take a deep breath, look up at the ceiling and imagine Michelangelo working hard, inspired by the Christian stories, to bring this inspiring piece of artwork to the world.