The Mighty Sea

Today I am inspired by the mighty sea.

Last week I spent a few days at Dalmeny on the south coast of New South Wales. It is a place I have visited often, in fact on average, twice a year for the last 24 years! It is a beautiful coastal hamlet with two glorious long beaches perfect for walking on and one small beach perfect for taking time out to reflect.

The mighty sea and wind were at their angriest the week before my last visit. A huge storm travelled down the east coast of Australia. Winds battered the coast, waves swept in with a mighty force. As if that wasn’t enought there was also a king tide. It was as if nature and the mighty sea were saying “look at me.”

Whilst in Dalmeny my husband and I took a walk along a 2km stretch from the small beach to the boat ramp. I was inspired by the waves crashing in and the whirlpools created by their force. This was a normal winter’s day. No king tide or storm, just waves crashing onto the coastline.



The mighty sea stirs so many emotions. It can be fierce and frightening. It can be calm and reflective. Quiet or loud. On this day the sea was strong and bold. It was powerful. It was mesmerizing. The white peaks were fresh. The whirlpools were crazy. It was inspiring and fascinating. I was at times standing there totally mesmerized by the beauty and power of the sea.



The storm and king tide have left an impact on the coast line. The small beach perfect for taking time out to reflect is now sandless. The king tide and storm have stolen all the sand and left sharp edged rocks in its place. Trees along the edge of the beaches are flattened or swept back against the face of their protective cliffs. Bits of trees are scattered on the beach. New rock pools have formed. Cunji, seaweed and sea urchins are lying hopeless amongst the rocks.

All of it a reminder of the storm and king tide. All of it a reminder of the power and wonderment of the sea and nature. All of it inspiring.