social media


Today I am inspired by a podcast I was listening to yesterday that had originally been broadcast on Radio National Australia. The podcast was on the history of libraries. There were two particular strains of thought from this podcast that inspired me.

  1. Knowledge is important
  2. Everyone has a right to information.

Knowledge is important. It is the reason for libraries. For books and schools. How knowledge is communciated is important. The communication of knowledge has such a huge influence on how we interpret the knowledge and what we do with it. There are some people who believe some knowledge is too important to share. It gives them power.

Everyone does have a right to information. This is why libraries were formed.  Again it’s how we use that information that influences, educates and inspires us. Everyone has a right to information and now with technology and social media more people can access information and more quickly than ever before. How much information we share and how often is often a concern.

Information becomes knowledge. Knowledge is information. Knowledge is important and everyone has the right to information. How we share our information and knowledge is influential. How often we share our information and knowledge is influential.

Sharing information and knowledge is much easier today and in some ways more dangerous. Media outlets quick to share information before it has been confirmed as fact. People taking and sharing information they see on social media as true before checking if it’s a realiable source.

Yes knowledge is important and yes everyone has the right to information and in this technological, fast world how we use knowledge and information can still be influential and inspirational. Just be careful.