Holiday Planning

What is inspiring me today? Me.

Now that may sound a little conceited but I encourage us all to be proud of our achievements and feel inspired by our positive actions.

Today it is my  holiday planning that is particularly inspiring.

My husband and I recently travelled to England and Europe for three weeks. The research, bookings and planning I did before we flew out of Australia all paid off. Our tickets for museums, restaurants and tours were all valid. The accomodation I chose was all comfortable, clean and well located. The knowledge I gained before departure helped in our decision making when we had gaps in the day or the itinerary wasn’t quite thought through properly, ie promptly walking to the Jewish museum in Prague on a Saturday….what was I thinking?

Of course there are some things that you don’t think to research, things that you believe will be simple but  end up leaving you feeling a little anxious. Who would imagine that it would be difficult to get a cab in London at 4.30am on a public holiday? Thank goodness our concierge was patient and persistent. After several phone calls he booked us a private driver eliminating our anxiety about missing our flight to Stockholm.

Whenever I travel I do feel nervous that maybe I booked a ticket for an activity in a city we are visiting but on a day we actually aren’t there. What a nightmare. Certainly not the end of the world but it would be disappointing none the less. Thank goodness this has never happened.

I have organised several holidays now and I am pleased and proud, to say, I have done well with each. It inspires me to organise more holidays, not just for our family but for others too.

dscn9359  Salisbury Cathedral. I booked a tour of the towers before I left home.

img_0446 Rooftop waking tour in Stockholm booked well in advance.

Autism and Music

Today I am inspired by a podcast I listened to yesterday. The podcast was from the Only Human series. It was the topic and those involved in the research that was inspiring.

A doctor in America had an idea that the methods used by Opera singers to control their voice could help Autistic people who stutter. Luckily she has a friend who is an opera singer and was prepared to assist with the research.

The results were amazing. A young man who had struggled throughout life to make friends, to be confident and to find a job, had his life changed due to this research. The opera singer spent months with this young man teaching him how to control his voice and breathing using the same methods opera singers use. It did not involve singing, simply the breathing method.

On this particular podcast you can hear this young man struggle with his stutter before he started this project and then hear him speak  6 months and then 18 months later. It was inspirational. The young man’s self esteem has escalated, simply because he can now speak normally.

I found his determination and motivation inspirational. I found the doctor inspirational. She had an idea, a vision and turned that into something very positive and life changing. Due to this research there are now other autistic people benefitting from this project.