Holiday Planning

What is inspiring me today? Me.

Now that may sound a little conceited but I encourage us all to be proud of our achievements and feel inspired by our positive actions.

Today it is my  holiday planning that is particularly inspiring.

My husband and I recently travelled to England and Europe for three weeks. The research, bookings and planning I did before we flew out of Australia all paid off. Our tickets for museums, restaurants and tours were all valid. The accomodation I chose was all comfortable, clean and well located. The knowledge I gained before departure helped in our decision making when we had gaps in the day or the itinerary wasn’t quite thought through properly, ie promptly walking to the Jewish museum in Prague on a Saturday….what was I thinking?

Of course there are some things that you don’t think to research, things that you believe will be simple but  end up leaving you feeling a little anxious. Who would imagine that it would be difficult to get a cab in London at 4.30am on a public holiday? Thank goodness our concierge was patient and persistent. After several phone calls he booked us a private driver eliminating our anxiety about missing our flight to Stockholm.

Whenever I travel I do feel nervous that maybe I booked a ticket for an activity in a city we are visiting but on a day we actually aren’t there. What a nightmare. Certainly not the end of the world but it would be disappointing none the less. Thank goodness this has never happened.

I have organised several holidays now and I am pleased and proud, to say, I have done well with each. It inspires me to organise more holidays, not just for our family but for others too.

dscn9359  Salisbury Cathedral. I booked a tour of the towers before I left home.

img_0446 Rooftop waking tour in Stockholm booked well in advance.


Today I am inspired by a podcast I was listening to yesterday that had originally been broadcast on Radio National Australia. The podcast was on the history of libraries. There were two particular strains of thought from this podcast that inspired me.

  1. Knowledge is important
  2. Everyone has a right to information.

Knowledge is important. It is the reason for libraries. For books and schools. How knowledge is communciated is important. The communication of knowledge has such a huge influence on how we interpret the knowledge and what we do with it. There are some people who believe some knowledge is too important to share. It gives them power.

Everyone does have a right to information. This is why libraries were formed.  Again it’s how we use that information that influences, educates and inspires us. Everyone has a right to information and now with technology and social media more people can access information and more quickly than ever before. How much information we share and how often is often a concern.

Information becomes knowledge. Knowledge is information. Knowledge is important and everyone has the right to information. How we share our information and knowledge is influential. How often we share our information and knowledge is influential.

Sharing information and knowledge is much easier today and in some ways more dangerous. Media outlets quick to share information before it has been confirmed as fact. People taking and sharing information they see on social media as true before checking if it’s a realiable source.

Yes knowledge is important and yes everyone has the right to information and in this technological, fast world how we use knowledge and information can still be influential and inspirational. Just be careful.



“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discuss and create.”  This quote from Albert Einstein has inspired me to think about our knowledge and imagination.

There is no doubt that knowledge is essential. We need it to survive. The knowledge of how to do our job and what is safe and not safe. People’s names, train timetables and where places are. Knowledge helps us converse with others and builds our intelligence. Some of us have more knowledge than others, as Einstein said “knowledge defines all we currently know and understand.”

The question Einstein has us asking is, “is imagination more important than knowledge?” My belief is yes.

Einstein reminds us that “imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” Without imagination we would not have great pieces of literature or music to enjoy and be inspired by. Without imagination we would not have the technology and infrastructure we now rely on to live our lives.

Someone had to imagine a rail network, a flying machine and a device to listen to music on. Someone had to imagine a world with electrical power and dams to capture our water supplies. The imagination of these things lead to the possibility of their existence. Someone’s knowledge created them but only because someone first imagined their existence to enable their creation.