Written words.

Today I am inspired by those who love to write. In today’s world of social media and online platforms there are many avenues for those who enjoy writing to do so (after all this is what is happening here!).

I am inspired by those who have the confidence to put their thoughts, their imagination, their opinions into words to share with those who are prepared to read the words.

For some there are many readers. Their book has made it to the top selling list, their opinion piece has been published in a major journal/magazine/newspaper/website, their blog has 100’s of followers. For others there are a few readers, such as myself. They haven’t published a best seller, they haven’t been picked up by a major journal/magazine/newspaper/webpage, they don’t have 100’s of followers of their blog. But is their opinion, their words, their thoughts, their imagination of those with less readers any less important than those of many readers? No.

Those writers who persevere, those who submit to publishers and webpages time and time again, who have had many rejections but keep going. Who keep writing are to be admired.

The written word is powerful, it is enjoyable and educational. It is also inspirational. To all those who enjoy writing, whether you are being read by many or a few, thank you. Thank you for inspiring, educating and entertaining your readers.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discuss and create.”  This quote from Albert Einstein has inspired me to think about our knowledge and imagination.

There is no doubt that knowledge is essential. We need it to survive. The knowledge of how to do our job and what is safe and not safe. People’s names, train timetables and where places are. Knowledge helps us converse with others and builds our intelligence. Some of us have more knowledge than others, as Einstein said “knowledge defines all we currently know and understand.”

The question Einstein has us asking is, “is imagination more important than knowledge?” My belief is yes.

Einstein reminds us that “imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” Without imagination we would not have great pieces of literature or music to enjoy and be inspired by. Without imagination we would not have the technology and infrastructure we now rely on to live our lives.

Someone had to imagine a rail network, a flying machine and a device to listen to music on. Someone had to imagine a world with electrical power and dams to capture our water supplies. The imagination of these things lead to the possibility of their existence. Someone’s knowledge created them but only because someone first imagined their existence to enable their creation.