The Palais Theatre StKilda

The Palais Theatre in the Melbourne beach side suburb of St Kilda is an inspirational beautiful old building in much need of some tender loving care. The local council and state government need to commit millions of dollars to save this theatre.

Windows need replacing, the external structure needs repairing, the exterior needs resealing, it needs fire protection works and much, much more! The I Love My Palais campaign has had two major boosts this week. On Wednesday night Mick Jagger made mention of the campaign at the Rolling Stones Melbourne concert and today it has been announced that musician Tex Perkins is a candidate for the state election in 3 weeks, with his main platform of concern being The Palais Theatre restoration.

Many musicians and music industry people live in the St Kilda area and many have performed at this inspirational art deco theatre. I have been to many performances there including shows by Australian rock band The Angels, American legend Bruce Springsteen and English pop singer Leo Sayer to name a few. I have seen the Jon English Rock Show, The Rockwiz Christmas show, Pirates of Penzance and attended the Countdown Rock Awards in the Palais. The Palais has suited all beautifully.

It would be a shame to lose such an iconic theatre. It would be a shame to lose such an historical building. It would be a shame to lose such an inspirational venue. The powers who are in control of money distribution need to see beyond today. They need to look back at what this theatre has provided. They need to look back at its past beauty. They need to look forward to what it can provide. They need to look forward at how beautiful it can once again look. They need to see the need to fund the repairs through the eyes of investment. To fund the repairs is an investment. More shows in the theatre equates to more money not just to the owners but to all the businesses surrounding the theatre. The restaurants, the bars and the carparks.

Tex Perkins is today an inspiration. He is prepared to stand up for an iconic building. He can see the value of restoring it. He has been inspired and will inspire.

palais wikipedia photo sourced from Wikipedia