Today I am inspired by the beautiful novel Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave.

Bravery during WWII London and Malta is central to this novel. The language in which the novel is written is beautiful and engaging. The characters are likable and believable.

If we are brave can we be forgiven for the decisions we make? War certainly effects people in different ways. Some can chose to conduct their lives as normally as possible. Others go out on a limb to serve their country, not just on the battle front but on the home front.

One of the main characters of this book, Mary North, served at home. Firstly as a teacher and then as an ambulance driver. Both occupations were ‘below’ her social standing and both were brave. Can her family forgive her for this bravery of service?

I like Mary. Not only did she show bravery but also niavety, vulnerability and compassion. Her story was inspiring.

The other main characters of the book are her friend Hilda, her love interests Tom and Alistair and the young negro boy whom she befriends Zachary.

I particularly found young Zachary inspiring. He starts off as a shy, weak young boy confused and lacking confidence and ends as a strong young man. Sorry but that is all I can say without giving too much away about him and the subplots that involves him. But let’s say that he and Mary have a very special bond.

One of the most inspiring quotes from the novel is : “It was simply a peculiarity of the British that they should be stoical about two hundred and fifty nights of bombing, while the sight of her with a negro child offended their sensibilities unbearably.”

Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is an inspirational story that reminds us that what in in the heart is more beautiful than what is on the face! That love is more beautiful than egos.

Belle, a beautiful, intelligent girl, falls in love with a beast. She sees beyond the giant, beastly creature. In his eyes she can see his kind heart. Through her dedication and unconditional love for her father the Beast sees love and learns to love again.

Gaston, an egotistical handsome man wants to marry Belle, not because he loves her but because she can further boost his ego with her beauty. Gaston reminds us that one can be good looking on the outside but if there is no goodness in the heart then we can be uglier than the ugliest of beasts who have love to give.

The beast reminds us that one can be ugly on the outside but beautiful internally. When we open our hearts to others, when we allow ourselves to be loved we can love in return and the beauty of our love will soon erase any existing ugliness.



The Tea Chest

The Tea Chest is a beautifully written Australian Chick Lit book.

The main characters of Kate, Elizabeth, Victoria and Leila form a very inspiring friendship based on a mutual desire to make the Tea Chest a success.

The four ladies are brought together by chance and all need to prove their worthiness and abilities not so much to each other as to themselves and their loved ones. Their determination, passion and friendship is what makes this story worth reading.

I am not a tea drinker but I was inspired to visit this shop (if it were not fictional). I was inspired by the women who created it, by the descriptions of the aromas and the atmosphere I imagine existed in the shop.

When I was last in London I had breakfast at the Tea House in Vauxhall and in my imagination I can picture the Tea Chest being similar to the Tea House.

If you like a good chick lit book and want to be inspired by passion and friendship then I can recommend this book to you.