Garden Blossom

Each morning I open my kitchen blind to be greeted by this sight.



The blossom inspires me to smile. It inspires me to get out and enjoy the spring weather.

The blossom reminds me that it is spring time.

Spring time, a time to renew our energy.

Spring time, a time to be inspired to go walking, cycling, jogging.

Spring time, a time to enjoy the changing gardens, the birds singing, the bees buzzing.

Be inspired this spring.


An inspirational man and his garden.



This flower bloomed in my garden on the weekend.

I don’t know what the flower is, but I do know where it came from.

I do know that the man who gave it to me was an inspirational man.

The flower is from a cutting from my father-in-law’s garden.

I took the cutting just after he passed away.

He loved his garden. He lovedĀ nurturing the garden.

He was an inspiration.

He devoted hours of his time to the garden and in spring it still blooms with color.

He devoted hours of time potting cuttings, nurturing the cuttings, selling and gifting the cuttings.

His inspiration goes beyond the garden.

But today it is his devotion to his garden and the results of that nurturing that is inspiring me.


My favorite flower is the rose. It is a majestic and beautiful flower. The fact that there are so many varieties of the Rose isĀ a bonus, it gives you the opportunity to never be bored by a rose!

I find Roses inspiring. They make me feel loved, happy and refreshed. They always bring a smile to my face when I am given roses for a birthday.

Roses say love, friendship and goodbye.

Yellow roses = friendship and I care

Yellow roses = friendship and I care

red rose bud in my garden

red rose bud in my garden

vibrant roses for a special birthday

vibrant roses for a special birthday