Last night I was very fortunate to have celebrated my 50th birthday with beautiful family and friends. All those that were there (around 50) have inspired me in some way.

Two of my friends, whom I have known for more than half my life, made beautiful speeches, as did my father and husband. I was left speechless. Something this morning that I am still a bit overwhelmed by but also a bit disappointed that I couldn’t say more. I was inspired by the words said and the memories evoked, so much so I couldn’t respond sufficiently.

How have my friends and family inspired me? Mainly by just being by my side.  Some since childhood, some only in the last few years.

The things we do together, the chats we have, the interests we share.

Some have inspired me to go out of my comfort zone. I still can’t believe I white water rafted in New Zealand, this is way out of my comfort zone!

My daughter inspires me every day with her commitment to study and read. I think I may have originally inspired her to read!

My husband inspires me every day with his encouragement, love and support.

The gifts I received reflect the connections and inspirations.

We do not need to look at the famous or the classics for inspiration. Some of the most inspiring people are those we spend time with everyday.