Holiday Planning

What is inspiring me today? Me.

Now that may sound a little conceited but I encourage us all to be proud of our achievements and feel inspired by our positive actions.

Today it is my  holiday planning that is particularly inspiring.

My husband and I recently travelled to England and Europe for three weeks. The research, bookings and planning I did before we flew out of Australia all paid off. Our tickets for museums, restaurants and tours were all valid. The accomodation I chose was all comfortable, clean and well located. The knowledge I gained before departure helped in our decision making when we had gaps in the day or the itinerary wasn’t quite thought through properly, ie promptly walking to the Jewish museum in Prague on a Saturday….what was I thinking?

Of course there are some things that you don’t think to research, things that you believe will be simple but  end up leaving you feeling a little anxious. Who would imagine that it would be difficult to get a cab in London at 4.30am on a public holiday? Thank goodness our concierge was patient and persistent. After several phone calls he booked us a private driver eliminating our anxiety about missing our flight to Stockholm.

Whenever I travel I do feel nervous that maybe I booked a ticket for an activity in a city we are visiting but on a day we actually aren’t there. What a nightmare. Certainly not the end of the world but it would be disappointing none the less. Thank goodness this has never happened.

I have organised several holidays now and I am pleased and proud, to say, I have done well with each. It inspires me to organise more holidays, not just for our family but for others too.

dscn9359  Salisbury Cathedral. I booked a tour of the towers before I left home.

img_0446 Rooftop waking tour in Stockholm booked well in advance.

Take A Walk Through Dorset U.K.

Today I am inspired by a fantastic walk my husband and I completed last month. For six days we walked 118km through South/West England, the majority of the time through County Dorset. It was beautiful. It was peaceful. It was inspiring.

There were hours upon hours when we had no human contact. In that time we came face to face with sheep and cows but they don’t hold a very good conversation!

At the end of each day we stayed in beautiful, comfortable and welcoming Bed and Breakfasts. Here we could have a bath, a drink with the locals and a good hearty meal.

We walked through fields, through woods, across a working airfield, an active golf course and through gorgeous villages. We had lunch at an ancient castle ruin, in a graveyard, by a lake,  on the side of a track and on top of a coastal cliff.

We got scratched by blackberries and stinging nettles. We saw Doe in the woods and wild pheasants on tracks.

Every day was new. Every day was inspiring. The scenery, the fresh air, the sunshine. All inspiring. All enjoyable.

Thank you to On Foot Holidays for transporting our luggage each day, for booking us into the loveliest Bed and Breakfasts and for your magnificent walking instructions.





day4e Kensington palace the orangery


I am currently reading the book “Londoners” by Craig Taylor. I am absolutely enjoying this book about the people of one of my favorite cities.

Reading this book has inspired me to reflect on what I find so attractive about London. Why I love visiting the city, why I want to visit it again and again.

1. London is a majestic city. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Gherkin, Westminster Abbey, The Wheel, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s are all majestic landmarks that have you standing in front of them having a wow moment. It doesn’t matter how many times you stand there they still have the wow factor.

day6de Albert embankment

2. London is an easy city to get around. I have walked from one end to the other on more than one visit. I will admit that I have got side tracked and lost but always seem to find my way back on track. It is so easy to walk around as there is so much to see. On one visit someone said to me “you know you don’t have to walk there are trains underground.” My response was “yes I know that but all you see are tunnel walls underground.” Walking enables you to see arcades, parks, people. Of course the underground system is also a great way to get around and the big red buses are not just a novelty form of transport.

3. London is a city for shopping. The huge Nike store on Oxford street, the arcades, the big department stores, the markets and of course Harrods! There is something for everyone. The markets at Camden are a gem but one of my favorites is the Borough Markets for food. My mouth is watering picturing the Turkish Delight shop….so many flavors. Mmmm

4. London is a city for learning. The historical attractions such as the Tower of London and The War Rooms. The museums such as the British Museum, V&A, The Museum of Natural History. The galleries, the landmarks, the streets. There is always something and somewhere to learn.

day6pb tower bridge