Places that inspire

Take A Walk Through Dorset U.K.

Today I am inspired by a fantastic walk my husband and I completed last month. For six days we walked 118km through South/West England, the majority of the time through County Dorset. It was beautiful. It was peaceful. It was inspiring.

There were hours upon hours when we had no human contact. In that time we came face to face with sheep and cows but they don’t hold a very good conversation!

At the end of each day we stayed in beautiful, comfortable and welcoming Bed and Breakfasts. Here we could have a bath, a drink with the locals and a good hearty meal.

We walked through fields, through woods, across a working airfield, an active golf course and through gorgeous villages. We had lunch at an ancient castle ruin, in a graveyard, by a lake,  on the side of a track and on top of a coastal cliff.

We got scratched by blackberries and stinging nettles. We saw Doe in the woods and wild pheasants on tracks.

Every day was new. Every day was inspiring. The scenery, the fresh air, the sunshine. All inspiring. All enjoyable.

Thank you to On Foot Holidays for transporting our luggage each day, for booking us into the loveliest Bed and Breakfasts and for your magnificent walking instructions.




The Places We Will Go

Today I am inspired by travel.

Oh yes the places we can go (thanks Dr Seuss). Travelling opens up our minds, our eyes, our horizon.

Travelling gives us life experiences that can be treasured forever. I will always remember the adrenalin rush as I white water rafted in New Zealand. The change in atmosphere when I reached the summit of a volcano in Indonesia and the frustration of not being able to find a vacant yellow cab in New York.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures by living in their environments, visiting museums or participating in events. Living in an apartment in Paris for a week had me feeling like a Parisian. Oh La La.

Travelling can take you to places you once dreamt about. I can still feel the blood rushing through my veins as I stood on the steps of Graceland way back in 1988 and the power of the water at Niagara Falls.

Travelling is inspirational. It is educational. It can be life changing. When we travel we grow. The experiences we have, the people we meet, even the food we eat all have an impact on us that can enrich our lives and effect future decisions.

Today I am inspired by travel. Travelling to a new country or somewhere closer to home. A weekend away or a month. All travel experiences should be embraced.

We all have different experiences. We all have different desires and interests.

Some love cruises, for others camping is the way to go. Our past experiences, our interests, our tastes all influence where and when we travel.

The places we go. The things we experiences. All influential and memorable.


day4e Kensington palace the orangery


I am currently reading the book “Londoners” by Craig Taylor. I am absolutely enjoying this book about the people of one of my favorite cities.

Reading this book has inspired me to reflect on what I find so attractive about London. Why I love visiting the city, why I want to visit it again and again.

1. London is a majestic city. Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Gherkin, Westminster Abbey, The Wheel, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s are all majestic landmarks that have you standing in front of them having a wow moment. It doesn’t matter how many times you stand there they still have the wow factor.

day6de Albert embankment

2. London is an easy city to get around. I have walked from one end to the other on more than one visit. I will admit that I have got side tracked and lost but always seem to find my way back on track. It is so easy to walk around as there is so much to see. On one visit someone said to me “you know you don’t have to walk there are trains underground.” My response was “yes I know that but all you see are tunnel walls underground.” Walking enables you to see arcades, parks, people. Of course the underground system is also a great way to get around and the big red buses are not just a novelty form of transport.

3. London is a city for shopping. The huge Nike store on Oxford street, the arcades, the big department stores, the markets and of course Harrods! There is something for everyone. The markets at Camden are a gem but one of my favorites is the Borough Markets for food. My mouth is watering picturing the Turkish Delight shop….so many flavors. Mmmm

4. London is a city for learning. The historical attractions such as the Tower of London and The War Rooms. The museums such as the British Museum, V&A, The Museum of Natural History. The galleries, the landmarks, the streets. There is always something and somewhere to learn.

day6pb tower bridge

9/11 Memorial New York City

Just under two weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City and it was a privilege. The 9/11 memorial and museum are a stark reminder of that terrible day that I don’t believe any of us will forget. It is also an inspirational memorial to those who survived, those who fought to help the injured and those who strove to make sure nobody forgets what happened on that day. The voices, the videos, the damaged items that were retrieved are there in this museum in the most respectful way. The visitors are respectful. Everyone seemed to look in silence or speak in a whisper. Everyone was taking themselves back to the moment they realised what had happened. No matter if you were in NYC or on the other side of the world, we all remember where we were, what we were doing when we heard the news. We all remember our shock, our fear and disbelief. This memorial and museum remind us of those feelings but also of the strength, the resilience and the love of New Yorkers.


The Palais Theatre StKilda

The Palais Theatre in the Melbourne beach side suburb of St Kilda is an inspirational beautiful old building in much need of some tender loving care. The local council and state government need to commit millions of dollars to save this theatre.

Windows need replacing, the external structure needs repairing, the exterior needs resealing, it needs fire protection works and much, much more! The I Love My Palais campaign has had two major boosts this week. On Wednesday night Mick Jagger made mention of the campaign at the Rolling Stones Melbourne concert and today it has been announced that musician Tex Perkins is a candidate for the state election in 3 weeks, with his main platform of concern being The Palais Theatre restoration.

Many musicians and music industry people live in the St Kilda area and many have performed at this inspirational art deco theatre. I have been to many performances there including shows by Australian rock band The Angels, American legend Bruce Springsteen and English pop singer Leo Sayer to name a few. I have seen the Jon English Rock Show, The Rockwiz Christmas show, Pirates of Penzance and attended the Countdown Rock Awards in the Palais. The Palais has suited all beautifully.

It would be a shame to lose such an iconic theatre. It would be a shame to lose such an historical building. It would be a shame to lose such an inspirational venue. The powers who are in control of money distribution need to see beyond today. They need to look back at what this theatre has provided. They need to look back at its past beauty. They need to look forward to what it can provide. They need to look forward at how beautiful it can once again look. They need to see the need to fund the repairs through the eyes of investment. To fund the repairs is an investment. More shows in the theatre equates to more money not just to the owners but to all the businesses surrounding the theatre. The restaurants, the bars and the carparks.

Tex Perkins is today an inspiration. He is prepared to stand up for an iconic building. He can see the value of restoring it. He has been inspired and will inspire.

palais wikipedia photo sourced from Wikipedia


Sistine Chapel

I read today that the Sistine Chapel is limiting the number of visitors inside the Chapel to 6 million a year due to fears that that Michelangelo’s frescoes are being damaged by the breath and sweat of so many tourists.

This beautiful, inspiring chapel and art work need to be preserved forever so I am all for the Vatican limiting the tourists numbers. I visited the Chapel in 1995. In my diary I recorded the following “It is beautiful, the artwork has so much color and detail, it is hard to take it all in. There is not one space on the ceiling or walls that is not painted. Can truly appreciate the pain and time it would take to paint. Most of it has been cleaned, which is great. The pieces that are not clean are hardly recognizable.”

In the same article it mentioned that Pope Francis has allowed the chapel to be rented out for Porsche to entertain 40 high paying tourists. The proceeds will go to charities working with the poor and homeless. This in itself is an inspiring gesture.

If you are ever in Vatican City I recommend taking the time to visit this beautiful chapel. When in there take a deep breath, look up at the ceiling and imagine Michelangelo working hard, inspired by the Christian stories, to bring this inspiring piece of artwork to the world.