Today I am inspired by life stories and those who take the time to share them.

Many who know me know that I enjoy reading biographies, in particular those of musicians. Some even go so far to say how can you read another biography of another musician aren’t they all the same?

No they are not all the same.

Each person has a different life story, musician or not, we all have a story to tell. What motivates us? What drives us? What trauma or otherwise has shaped us?

Turia Pitt was severely burnt in a fire during an ultra marathon. Bethany Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack whilst surfing. I read their books to learn what gave them the strength to overcome their injuries, their fears, their trauma. Both ladies are back competing in their sports. They did not let their injury define them, or maybe they did, in that they both focussed on not letting their injuries drive them away from their sport but to prove to all that they are bigger than the injury.

I find it fascinating to learn what it is that inspires people. By reading their life stories I learn this. What inspired Bruce Springsteen to become a musician? What is the inspiration behind Richard Clapton’s hit song Girls On The Avenue?

We don’t have to be famous to have a life story. Everyone has a story. Everyone has someone or something in their life that has shaped them, that has inspired them to be who they are. We don’t all have to write a book to share our life story.

Our story can be shared in conversation around the dinner table. In a letter to a loved one. In a blog. Via Facebook status updates or Instagram photos. We can share part of our story or all of it. But never ever let anyone tell you you don’t have a life story to share.

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