The Places We Will Go

Today I am inspired by travel.

Oh yes the places we can go (thanks Dr Seuss). Travelling opens up our minds, our eyes, our horizon.

Travelling gives us life experiences that can be treasured forever. I will always remember the adrenalin rush as I white water rafted in New Zealand. The change in atmosphere when I reached the summit of a volcano in Indonesia and the frustration of not being able to find a vacant yellow cab in New York.

Travelling gives you the opportunity to experience other cultures by living in their environments, visiting museums or participating in events. Living in an apartment in Paris for a week had me feeling like a Parisian. Oh La La.

Travelling can take you to places you once dreamt about. I can still feel the blood rushing through my veins as I stood on the steps of Graceland way back in 1988 and the power of the water at Niagara Falls.

Travelling is inspirational. It is educational. It can be life changing. When we travel we grow. The experiences we have, the people we meet, even the food we eat all have an impact on us that can enrich our lives and effect future decisions.

Today I am inspired by travel. Travelling to a new country or somewhere closer to home. A weekend away or a month. All travel experiences should be embraced.

We all have different experiences. We all have different desires and interests.

Some love cruises, for others camping is the way to go. Our past experiences, our interests, our tastes all influence where and when we travel.

The places we go. The things we experiences. All influential and memorable.

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