9/11 Memorial New York City

Just under two weeks ago I had the privilege of visiting the 9/11 Memorial Museum in New York City and it was a privilege. The 9/11 memorial and museum are a stark reminder of that terrible day that I don’t believe any of us will forget. It is also an inspirational memorial to those who survived, those who fought to help the injured and those who strove to make sure nobody forgets what happened on that day. The voices, the videos, the damaged items that were retrieved are there in this museum in the most respectful way. The visitors are respectful. Everyone seemed to look in silence or speak in a whisper. Everyone was taking themselves back to the moment they realised what had happened. No matter if you were in NYC or on the other side of the world, we all remember where we were, what we were doing when we heard the news. We all remember our shock, our fear and disbelief. This memorial and museum remind us of those feelings but also of the strength, the resilience and the love of New Yorkers.


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