The Christmas Story

Can you believe that it is one month until Christmas? Wow where has the year gone? Today I am inspired by the Christmas story and the real meaning of Christmas. A message of unconditional love, peace, hope and the birth of Jesus Christ.

The commercial aspect of Christmas that yells “buy me”, “spend more dollars”, “the latest and the greatest will make your loved ones happy” is uninspiring. God gave us a baby. He did not spend money, it was not grand. The baby was born in a stable, in a cradle of hay. Not a golden crib full of money. His birth gave us hope, love and light. That is inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong I love the decorations, I love the lights but do they need to be on display in October and pulled down on Boxing Day? I would love to visit London at Christmas time and see the beautiful lights and decorations of Oxford street. They look magical. They look inspiring lit up against the winter sky. I have been fortunate enough to see the Christmas decorations on Orchard Rd Singapore. They make you feel alive, they bring excitement and anticipation into our lives, just as the birth of Jesus Christ did.

This Christmas I challenge you to be inspired by the real meaning of Christmas. Even if you are not a Christian I inspire you to take a breath and think about the meaning of Christmas.  Give with love, give with meaning.


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