Beauty and The Beast

Beauty and The Beast is an inspirational story that reminds us that what in in the heart is more beautiful than what is on the face! That love is more beautiful than egos.

Belle, a beautiful, intelligent girl, falls in love with a beast. She sees beyond the giant, beastly creature. In his eyes she can see his kind heart. Through her dedication and unconditional love for her father the Beast sees love and learns to love again.

Gaston, an egotistical handsome man wants to marry Belle, not because he loves her but because she can further boost his ego with her beauty. Gaston reminds us that one can be good looking on the outside but if there is no goodness in the heart then we can be uglier than the ugliest of beasts who have love to give.

The beast reminds us that one can be ugly on the outside but beautiful internally. When we open our hearts to others, when we allow ourselves to be loved we can love in return and the beauty of our love will soon erase any existing ugliness.




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