Malala : the girl who stood up for education.



I read the book I am Malala last year and found this young lady to be very inspiring. Last Sunday night (Oct 19th) the ABC screened an interview she did with Jennifer Byrne and once again I found myself inspired by this wonderful, brave young lady.

She was shot in the head on Tuesday October 9th 2012 whilst riding the bus home from school. She was not expected to survive but she did and has gone on to continue to stand up for the right of girls to be educated.  As the gunman got on the bus he called out “Who is Malala?” Not afraid to stand up for what she believes in she stood up and said “I am Malala” and then as a further indication of her pride named her book “I am Malala.”

She was recently awarded the Noble Peace Prize, the youngest person to ever receive this prestigious recognition.

In her interview with Jennifer Byrne, she spoke quietly yet articulately. It was inspiring to hear her talk of her goal to one day return to Pakistan and to be the Prime Minister. Although she was hurt by The Taliban rebels in her own country, she is clearly not afraid. How inspiring is that?



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