My Nana

Today is my Nana’s birthday. If she was still with us she would be 107 but sadly we lost her in 1996.

My Nana was an inspiration to me. One of my fondest memories is having sleep overs at her place as a young child and having her tell me the story of how she saved the baby lamb from drowning in the channel. My Nana was a farmer’s wife. She loved the farm life. She loved the country and she loved the animals. Most of all my Nana loved her family.

My Nana suffered with bad health but her family inspired her to overcome the difficulties and pain associated with her ailing health. When feeling unwell she would focus on a family event or member to push her through the pain. She did this for me. I will never forget her proudly attending my wedding service and reception. I will also never forget her expressing her disappointment that I was not wearing a petticoat under my wedding gown!

My Nana dressed well. She always wore a hat to Church and her shoes always matched her handbag.

I will never forget the smile on my Nana’s face when I told her I was pregnant. This was the last piece of news I shared with my Nana. Weak in her nursing home bed my husband and I  paid her a visit to tell her our happy news. Within seconds she sat up in bed with a big smile on her face and with her usual loving way held my hand and said “that was wonderful news.” She then smiled happily at my mum, her only living daughter, a smile that said “you are going to be a grandmother it will bring you much joy.”

Less than a week later my Nana passed away. My loving relationship with my Nana and her smiling face at the moment of sharing our news, inspired me to name my daughter after her by using part of Nana’s maiden surname in our daughter’s name. George became Georgia.

My Nana was an inspiration. She was a strong lady in a body weakened by ailing health. She had a heart full of love, a smile full of happiness and wonderful stories to share. Happy birthday Nana.


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