The Ultimate Oz Rock Chick

Chrissy Amphlett was the front woman of Australian rock band The Divinyls. In my teens she was one of my inspirational female idols. She was gutsy and sexy in a male dominated profession without being glamorous.

Chrissy was born Christine Joy Amphlett on the 25th of October 1959 in the Victorian town of Geelong.  In 2007 she announced that she had multiple sclerosis. In 2010 she announced she had breast cancer.Due to her multiple sclerosis she was unable to receive radiation or chemotherapy for her cancer. She passed away on the 21st of April 2013 in New York.

Chrissy first came to my attention with The Divinyls first single Boys in Town.  Dressed in a school uniform with a blue fluro lit microphone stand, Chrissy sang, pouted and danced in the clip that was on high rotation on Countdown and other music video programs. She impressed me. I had never seen a rock chick like her in the Australian music industry.  I bought albums, went to gigs and each time Chrissy was inspirational.  To girls and guys. She was the ultimate rock chick.

Even after her passing she continues to inspire. Chrissy wanted her song I Touch Myself to become a tune for breast cancer awareness. It has become her parting gift to women. The Touch Myself Project is inspirational. I was almost in tears the first time I watched the clip. It is an amazing message and has been presented in a beautiful and powerful manner. Please take the time to view it for yourself and be inspired to touch yourself and remind others to do the same.


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