Turia Pitt : a brave and inspiring young lady

Turia Pitt was caught in a fire in the Kimberleys Western Australia during an ultramarathon event in 2011. 65% of her body was burnt. She has had many skin grafts and her surgeons had to import skin from America. She has had fingers amputated and her face re-constructed.

In December 2013 I read her book “Everything to Live for” and have since been inspired by this amazing lady. Throughout the ordeal in the Kimberleys and her time in hospital, Turia remained positive and determined to survive the fire and to live a normal as possible life despite her horrific injuries.

With the love of her boyfriend, family and closest friends, Turia found a reason to live.

How can that not be inspiring?

Life is not easy for Turia yet she has the positive attitude, hope and love to go beyond the difficulties she faces. There should be more people like her.


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