On June 4th 2014 the world lost a rock legend. I lost my idol, an inspiration. That man was Doc Neeson.

Doc was born Bernard Patrick Neeson on January 4th 1947 in Belfast Ireland. He migrated to Australia with his parents, 4 brothers and a sister, in 1960.

As the frontman/lead singer of Australian rock band The Angels he was dramatic, charismatic, crazy, energetic, unpredictable and captivating. His lyrics were poetic, mysterious, engaging, sometimes dark but most of all inspiring.  I wanted to write like him!

I honestly cannot tell you how many times I saw him perform. The first time was at the Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne supporting AC/DC in February 1981. The last time was at the Enmore Theatre in Sydney at Rock for Doc, a benefit concert to raise money for his treatment, in April 2013.  At each concert he inspired but more so at Rock for Doc. His speech of gratitude and determination was a tear jerker.  The closing song of Love Takes Care was beautiful and with the whole audience singing along with him, you could feel nothing but love and admiration from those on the stage and those off. We all believed he was giving all his strength and will power to fight the brain cancer and he did, but sadly the cancer won the battle just over 12 months after the concert.

I had the pleasure of meeting Doc a few times but each time was brief , just enough time to get an autograph and/or photo. But each time he was a gentleman, happy to pose for a photo, happy to give an autograph. For that I am grateful.

My favorite songs are Be With You, My Light Will Shine, Take A Long Line, the acoustic version of Marseilles and Blind Faith. The last was recorded by his band Red Phoenix whilst on a break from The Angels in the mid 2000’s.

Doc you will continue to inspire me and others. Your energy, your creativity and determination will not be forgotten.



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